The Women’s Congress is now closed but not over.

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The 2017 Women’s Congress opens November 3 and closes without stopping on November 5.

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We are back with another opportunity to convene and grow in our connectedness and in our commitment to future generations.

The Women’s Congress will work to live out what Martin Luther King, Jr. described as the Beloved Community. We tap into the fierce spirit of women to protect and defend what we love. We support people stepping into their collective power to use laws, policies and norms to transition to a just and sustainable world. At the 2017 conference we aim:

  • To educate ourselves about environmental justice
  • To inform ourselves on how systems and institutions often sustain environmental injustice
  • To bear witness to communities of color who are hit hardest by climate change and pollution
  • To use the power we have, collectively, to create more just systems as a response to what we have witnessed

We recognize that many of our sisters and brothers are most affected and that statistics on human health problems such as autism, lead poisoning, breast cancer are indicators of suffering. Many of these problems are preventable and if preventable we have a moral obligation to prevent them.

We stand with our sisters, wherever we have environmental injustice, to protect the children and grandchildren, the children of our neighbors and our neighbors’ neighbors. Women of all walks of life are coming together, standing together, for justice. We will intervene, using our fierce and loving spirit, to create a world where future generations of all species will thrive.

We will hear from nationally recognized experts on climate change and from women working in communities impacted by groundwater contamination, pipelines, and toxins in our homes. We will reimagine how together we can disrupt the systems that are supporting racial, social and environmental injustice, creating a just transition to a healthy future and writing a new story where everyone is valued and Mother Earth is held sacred.

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We’re tapping the fierce spirit in women to protect what we love: our children, our planet, our health and our future.

“The new human experience must be to know that the consequences of our actions last forever.”
—Joanna Macy, Scholar of Buddhism, Systems Thinking and Deep Ecology

November 3–5, 2017

The keynote speaker
Rowen White is a Seed Keeper and farmer from the Mohawk community of Akwesasne and a passionate activist for indigenous seed and food sovereignty. She weaves stories of seeds, food, culture and sacred Earth stewardship.

Exclusive Bonus:
Women’s Congress Dispatch This beautifully bound document is included with your registration. You’ll find articles from our keynote speakers, written exclusively for us this year, plus articles from national and local authors. Topics include Environmental Justice, Native Seed Economies, Electric Cars, Women’s Rights and, of course, the work of the Women’s Congress.
The volume will sell for $25 after the Congress.

Testimonial about a past Congress:
The most revolutionary idea that came out of the Congress was that of the Rights of Nature. Saturday afternoon we formed groups which represented various bodies of Water: the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, the Oglala aquifer, the Mississippi River. We listed needs and rights of those bodies of water and collated them in the Declaration for the Rights of All Waters.
Who among us was not profoundly moved?
—Patricia Damery, Napa Valley, CA

Get the force of Healing and Change.

“When women and men set in motion this enormously transformative feminine force of unconditional love they carry within, great healing and change will come about.”
—from Grandmothers Counsel the World: Stories of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers by Carol Schaefer

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