An Owl Economy: Tending the Tree of Life

It is in our hands. The Bird, the Tree of Life in which it nests, the River. The Future. It is in our hands. We have plundered the Tree of Life by what we name as “Economics”. We act as if mining, logging, drilling, and waste disposal, are required for the growth of the “economy”— our “way of life”— all the while forgetting that the soil, the trees, the waters, the air and the living things are actually required for life and community. Read more

The New Ecofeminism

Together, women are sourcing new definitions of problems and seeking smart solutions. Women are recognizing that their participation (or lack thereof) is more than a personal demand for individual justice. Our inequality affects not just our lives but those of children and our great grandchildren of all species. And so women are rising up to claim their responsibility and act on behalf of the earth, the commons, and future generations.  Read more