The 3rd Women’s Congress for Future Generations

Minneapolis, MN * November 3-5, 2017!!

We gather around the Sacred Circle – our commitment to Mother Earth.  We commit to seeing “water and earth as living entities” and to seeing each other as interrelated beings we care for and protect.  An overarching theme this year is building the “Beloved Community” as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called it.  We are committed to healing the wounds among and between us, to hearing each other’s stories and to finding a way forward together as told to us by the Anishinaabe in the 7th Fire Prophecy.

All of our traditions, and certainly Aboriginal people, carry the stories and prophecies of this time.  As we work to heal our relationships with Mother Earth and with each other, the 8th Fire will be lit.  At that time love, peace, sisterhood and brotherhood will come to pass.

Climate, Health and Justice

Many of us now see much more clearly the interrelatedness of all things. At the November 2017 Congress, we will weave these themes together.

Mark Your Calendar. Registration will open by July 1st.