Guardian Wisdom Circle

Is your inner voice directing you to take a stand for what you love? Are the challenges of engaging with the world leading you to seek spiritual nourishment and grounding? 

Consciously choosing to take a stand for what you love is what makes you a Guardian. Together, we deepen each other’s ability to stand for love – embracing the work of manifesting the “Beloved Community” as a spiritual practice.

**Upcoming Guardian Wisdom Circles:  

Tuesdays, August 15 from 7:00-8:30 p.m.

Current Location: 4500 Bloomington Ave. S. Minneapolis (lots of street parking)

Theme for August 15: Engaging with Difficult Issues; Keeping Our Hearts Open

How to deepen our hearts’ sensitivity to what others might be feeling or thinking that’s different from us.  How might increased sensitivity awaken us to be the beloved community?  We will explore spiritual practices that cultivate a presence that keeps us engaged with difficult issues. 

Bring journal, pen, water
Love donation for space and preparation suggested (but come no matter what!)
Please RSVP to 

Guides: This month’s circle will be guided by Emily Jarrett Hughes, artist and healer, and Lisa Venable, Guardian Lead for the Women’s Congress. Our work is based in an understanding of the earth and water as sacred living entities and the profound interconnections between all beings. All beliefs and un-beliefs are welcome. 

Benefits of joining a Guardian Wisdom Circle:

  • Learn new approaches to conversations with those we differ with & develop deeper listening skills.
  • Finding ways to acknowledge our grief and anger.
  • Being open to the wisdom view of what appears negative so we can better deal with the news.
  • Practice seeing, hearing and loving others for who they are, including those we might not usually see/hear.

Each circle will begin with a ritual and meditation. We will use a check-in to reflect on the connections between our work in the world and inner lives. We will explore the month’s theme through the lens of the heart with guided meditations, reflections and sharing.

At Home–“Oneness” Meditation Practice:  Quiet yourself by placing your hand on your heart. Breathe into your heart and feel your breath, heartbeat, body, etc. Focus on “Oneness.” 

  • Oneness with yourself
  • Oneness with yourself with the Earth, water, air (do this outside!)
  • Oneness with Future Generations (use a photo of young people in your life)
  • Oneness with those different from us (use a photo/newspaper clip!)
  • Oneness with the Frontline Communities (most affected by climate change, etc)