Sharon Day

Sharon M. Day, Ojibwe is enrolled in the Bois Forte Band of Ojibwe.  She is one of the founders of the Indigenous Peoples Task Force, formerly known as the Minnesota American Indian AIDS Task Force.  IPTF began as a volunteer organization (1987) with all of the work performed by the Board of Directors.  Ms. Day was hired as the Executive Director, May 1990 and has served in this capacity since then.  IPTF has strived to ground its services in the culture of American Indian people. Sharon M. Day is 2nd degree M’dewiwin and follows the spiritual path of the Anishinabe people. She is an artist, musician, and writer.

She has led numerous Water Walks. The Missouri River Walk starts August 1st. Details on how you can participate are here.    Each walk is ceremony to save the life-giving force of water.