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Our successes at the first two Women’s Congresses represent the beginning chapter of a long-term campaign to articulate, disseminate, and uphold the rights of future generations, in collaboration with a broadening network of community organizations.

In 2017-2018, we will move several strategic pieces forward.

None of this work is ours alone.

Things you can do:

The Companion

Companion for Political Change

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Guardians Mission: We envision a future where people value the interconnectedness of all things: a future that shifts attitudes and behaviors from ones centered in individualism and consumption to behaviors that care for the Earth and attend to the intricate balance of all living things. —From Women’s Congress for Future Generations

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Call to Action: 2017 Women’s Congress

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We stand with our sisters, wherever we have environmental injustice, to protect the children and grandchildren, the children of our neighbors and our neighbors’ neighbors. Women of all walks of life are coming together, standing together, for justice. We will intervene, using our fierce and loving spirit, to create a world where future generations of all species will thrive.

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As we work to protect Mother Earth and Future Generations at this critical moment in history, we are so grateful you are by our side. Together we are shifting the conversation about the role of government, we are standing together to protect current and future generations. We know there are many deserving environmental groups you could support. We are indeed honored when you choose to donate to the Women’s Congress. Together we will make a difference. Tomorrow is in our hands.


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The Women’s Congress for Future Generations is a project of the Science and Environmental Health Network. Founded in 1994, SEHN’s mission today is to engage communities and governments in the effective application of science to protect and restore public and ecosystem health. Since 1998, SEHN has been the leading proponent in the United States of the Precautionary Principle as a new basis for environmental and public health policy.

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