The Science of Health: How Environmental Factors Influence Your Health

We recently held a discussion focused on exploring the connections between environmental factors and how they influence not only our health in present day situations, but how they can trickle down and affect that of future generations as well.
Science of Health

Interview with Ann on SPNN after 2014 Congress

Host Catherine Reid Day speaks with Ann Manning, of Future First, a unique womens’ organization bringing a new and holistic perspective to environmental issues.
Science of Health

Sharon Day—7th Fire

Sharon Day recounts the Prophecy of the Seven Fires that prompted Indigenous peoples to move westward, away from European contact.

TEDxMaui - Carolyn Raffensperger - Becoming Great Ancestors

Carolyn Raffensperger is executive director of the Science and Environmental Health Network (SEHN). After a career as an archaeologist, she worked for the Sierra Club, addressing an array of environmental issues. Since 1994, with SEHN and as an environmental lawyer, she has specialized in the fundamental changes in law and policy necessary for the protection and restoration of public health and the environment
Science of Health